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Notable 2014 Settlements


FAB Attorney James P. End, with David C. Bangert as co-counsel, settled a personal injury case for $2.5 million dollars in January 2014.

FAB Attorney Robert H. Blondis, with James Galanis as co-counsel, settled a worker’s compensation claim for $250,000, in addition to all of the injury-related medical expenses, in January 2014. Robert Blondis has successfully represented a significant number of workers who have suffered both physical and emotional injuries in the workplace.

FAB Attorney Robert H. Blondis recovered compensation from the Wisconsin Work Injury Supplemental Benefit Fund for an worker who suffered a knee injury more than twelve years ago. The Wisconsin Work Injury Supplemental Benefit Fund is a state fund that pays worker’s compensation benefits to individuals or dependents under certain limited circumstances, including when certain meritorious claims are barred by the statute of limitations.

FAB Attorneys Lawrence G. Albrecht and Thomas C. Lenz reached a significant settlement of a custodial medical care claim.

James P. End resolved a worker’s compensation shoulder injury case for $125,000 in April 2014.