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2015 Notable Settlements and Verdicts


FAB Attorney Thomas C. Lenz won a conviction record discrimination case in front of the Equal Rights Division (ERD) for a client who was terminated from employment because of his conviction record. The Administrative Law Judge ordered the employer to re-hire the client and was ordered to pay over $160,000 in back pay, back benefits, attorney’s fees, and interest.

FAB Attorney Robert H. Blondis recovered in excess of $200,000 for an elderly worker at a restaurant who suffered a foot injury when a piece of metal fell off of a walk-in cooler and struck her. The restaurant insurance company refused to make any payments until FAB became involved. Part of the award to the client was a penalty against the insurance company for “bad faith.”

A jury awarded past and future medical bills and past and future pain and suffering to a client represented by FAB Attorney James P. End.  The judgment totaled more than three times the amount that the insurance company had offered to settle the case before trial.

FAB Attorney James P. End settled a claim against a Wisconsin municipality for a police officer’s unlawful search and seizure and an unlawful arrest while using excessive force.  The Fourth Amendment prohibits police officers from entering a home without a warrant, absent narrow exceptions.  Police officers also must not use excessive force when seizing or arresting an individual.  The case was resolved without litigation for $130,000 as a result of successful settlement negotiations.