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Jury Verdict Against Racine County

FAB Attorneys Lawrence G. Albrecht, Jim End, and Thomas C. Lenz won a $1 million dollar jury verdict against Racine County, its former Sheriff, and a Deputy Sheriff on February 2, 2012. The case was tried before Judge Lynn Adelman in the Eastern District of Wisconsin. FAB represented the estate of an inmate who died of a heart attack while serving a twenty-day sentence at the Racine County Jail. During his incarceration, Racine County Jail failed to provide necessary medication for his known heart condition. An eight-person jury found that Racine County, its former Sheriff, and a Deputy Sheriff violated the Eighth Amendment by acting deliberately indifferent to the inmate’s serious medical needs. The jury also assessed punitive damages against the individual defendants after finding that they acted in reckless disregard of the inmate’s rights. After trial, the Racine County defendants were ordered to pay an additional $354,000 in attorneys fees and $22,000 in costs.