International Human Rights Law Review Author

FAB Attorney Lawrence G. Albrecht was an ongoing contributing author on international human rights developments published in 49 The International Lawyer 355 (2015); 48 The International Lawyer 453 (2014); 47 The International Lawyer 407 (2013); and 46 The International Lawyer 389 (2012).

ABA Annual Meeting

FAB Attorney Lawrence G. Albrecht attended the ABA annual meeting held in Chicago in August 2015, which celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Rule of Law Initiations of which he is an alumni.

Wisconsin Lutheran College Ethics Lectures

FAB Attorney Lawrence G. Albrecht lectured Wisconsin Lutheran College business students in 2014 and 2015 on ethical issues concerning workplace whistle blowing protections for employees who report illegal or unethical misconduct.

2015 Notable Settlements and Verdicts

FAB Attorney Thomas C. Lenz won a conviction record discrimination case in front of the Equal Rights Division (ERD) for a client who was terminated from employment because of his conviction record. The Administrative Law Judge ordered the employer to re-hire the client and was ordered to pay over $160,000 in back pay, back benefits, attorney’s fees, and interest.

FAB Attorney Robert H. Blondis recovered in excess of $200,000 for an elderly worker at a restaurant who suffered a foot injury when a piece of metal fell off of a walk-in cooler and struck her. The restaurant insurance company refused to make any payments until FAB became involved. Part of the award to the client was a penalty against the insurance company for “bad faith.”

A jury awarded past and future medical bills and past and future pain and suffering to a client represented by FAB Attorney James P. End.  The judgment totaled more than three times the amount that the insurance company had offered to settle the case before trial.

FAB Attorney James P. End settled a claim against a Wisconsin municipality for a police officer’s unlawful search and seizure and an unlawful arrest while using excessive force.  The Fourth Amendment prohibits police officers from entering a home without a warrant, absent narrow exceptions.  Police officers also must not use excessive force when seizing or arresting an individual.  The case was resolved without litigation for $130,000 as a result of successful settlement negotiations.

Valparaiso University Icon Dedication

Lawrence G. Albrecht spoke at Valparaiso University Brauer Art Museum’s 2014 dedication of an icon based on a photograph of Orthodox Coptic priests in Ethiopia taken by law professor Paul Brietzke who wrote extensively on African economic development and human rights. The icon was created by Attorney Albrecht’s close friend Rev. Dennis Jacobsen, former pastor of Incarnation Lutheran Church in Milwaukee.

Lawrence G. Albrecht was a contributing author on 2013 international human rights developments published in 48 The International Lawyer 453 (2014).

Notable 2014 Settlements

FAB Attorney James P. End, with David C. Bangert as co-counsel, settled a personal injury case for $2.5 million dollars in January 2014.

FAB Attorney Robert H. Blondis, with James Galanis as co-counsel, settled a worker’s compensation claim for $250,000, in addition to all of the injury-related medical expenses, in January 2014. Robert Blondis has successfully represented a significant number of workers who have suffered both physical and emotional injuries in the workplace.

FAB Attorney Robert H. Blondis recovered compensation from the Wisconsin Work Injury Supplemental Benefit Fund for an worker who suffered a knee injury more than twelve years ago. The Wisconsin Work Injury Supplemental Benefit Fund is a state fund that pays worker’s compensation benefits to individuals or dependents under certain limited circumstances, including when certain meritorious claims are barred by the statute of limitations.

FAB Attorneys Lawrence G. Albrecht and Thomas C. Lenz reached a significant settlement of a custodial medical care claim.

James P. End resolved a worker’s compensation shoulder injury case for $125,000 in April 2014.

Current Legal Issues in Scotland

In October 2013, Lawrence G. Albrecht participated in the ABA Conference on “Current Legal Issues in Scotland” in Edinburgh which focused on Scottish constitutional independence and other legal issues, attended a human rights lecture on “Human Rights: Problem or Solution” in Cambridge, England, and also attended the ABA Section of International Law Conference in London.

Conviction Record Discrimination Win

On February 13, 2013, FAB Attorney Thomas C. Lenz won a conviction record discrimination case before the Wisconsin Equal Rights Division. As a result, FAB’s client was awarded back pay, interest, attorney’s fees, case costs, and injunctive relief. The award totaled over $75,000. Subject to some exceptions, Wisconsin law prohibits arrest and conviction record employment discrimination. Information about the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act is found on the Department of Workforce Development website. Arrest and conviction record discrimination may also violate federal law prohibiting race and national origin employment discrimination, as discussed here by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Jury Verdict Against Racine County

FAB Attorneys Lawrence G. Albrecht, Jim End, and Thomas C. Lenz won a $1 million dollar jury verdict against Racine County, its former Sheriff, and a Deputy Sheriff on February 2, 2012. The case was tried before Judge Lynn Adelman in the Eastern District of Wisconsin. FAB represented the estate of an inmate who died of a heart attack while serving a twenty-day sentence at the Racine County Jail. During his incarceration, Racine County Jail failed to provide necessary medication for his known heart condition. An eight-person jury found that Racine County, its former Sheriff, and a Deputy Sheriff violated the Eighth Amendment by acting deliberately indifferent to the inmate’s serious medical needs. The jury also assessed punitive damages against the individual defendants after finding that they acted in reckless disregard of the inmate’s rights. After trial, the Racine County defendants were ordered to pay an additional $354,000 in attorneys fees and $22,000 in costs.